Torches Academy Radio - Coming Soon!

Moving forward into 2019, we've been brainstorming new and fun ways to encourage more community engagement and peer revision. This is a concept that's been on the back-burner for quite some time, and we're thinking it's due to see the light of day.

'Torches Academy Radio' will be a new indie streaming station, spinning tracks from Torches Academy members. We'll have a submission page where you guys can dunk those mp3's, and each week we'll add new tracks into rotation on the station.

Ideally, we'll have the station streaming on, with a video accompaniment including track titles, artist names, and possibly some cool visuals. We'll also stream to our Discord, where you guys can hop into our 'Torches Academy Radio' channel to listen. And of course, we've added the #listening-chat where you can talk about the tunes and give live feedback.

We think this will be an awesome way to not only get folks listening to your music, but a constructive and fun way to get feedback. Since the station is non-exclusive and non-perpetual, you can add and remove tracks as you wish without worry, and test the waters with your peers.

The development and improvement of Torches Academy Radio will be ongoing. Full disclosure, so far the best way we've found to achieve this cool new feature is with simple livestreaming setups, and manually DJ'ing each week. But as we hopefully call in some favors here and there, we may be able to improve the functionality to be quicker and easier for you guys to submit.

We're looking forward to hearing what you folks drop in! Stay tuned for more info.


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