Project Series: Ikora - Out now!

Dive into learning the in's and out's of 'complextro' through a project series made from scratch. Complextro is a sub-genre of electrohouse, using frequently changing and modulating synths and leads to create a hectic audio landscape packed into just a few bars. 'Ikora' is a track that we built from the bottom up, and captured all of the video for you to watch!

Within this series, we will look at building beats and rhythms, chord progressions, a touch of melody, and lots and lots of synth design with Sytrus. Sytrus is an extremely powerful FM synth that comes stock with FL Studio, so if you're looking to bolster your ranks of presets, this project is for you!

The first two installments are free to all Torches Academy members. The full project series is available to Torches Academy pro members.