Show other musicians what you're working on.

I'd like to take a second during this, my first blog post for Torches Academy, to talk about myself. Go ahead and skip paragraph one if you don't care. If you're still reading this now, it's too late. This is Erin "speaking"– you may have seen my name pop up on the Discord every now and again. Or maybe not. I've been a part of the team here since mid-November in 2017, lending a hand with our social media pages, a bit of content creation, journalistic outreach and basically, letting the world know we're here.

Okay, background: studied music since early childhood. Always involved in music and arts in school classes, after school programs, in the community and on my own time. Pursued secondary education at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Earned Bachelor of Science degree in Music Business with a concentration in Management and a minor in Music Technology. Not great at any particular instrument (including computer) but, I am a halfway decent singer. Anyway, I love the path that I'm on.

If you're still reading this, I feel really special. I lied when I implied I was done talking about myself, but as I continue I will also be including a note on YOUR artistry. Something I've struggled with as a musician is the crippling fear of actually showing people that this is what I love and what I do. You are not alone, all creatives feel this. As you move forward through your musical journey, try to remember that criticism help you become better, just as positive or negative experiences in life alter your perspective and spur growth and change. It is my hope that the company you are surrounded by at Torches Academy, or any other artistic communities you find yourself involved with, helps you to build not only your skills but your confidence as well, and your desire to continue. Share your work with us, meet other artists, practice, and don't be afraid.

- Erin


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