Another awesome year at CCSU's Tech It Out!

We just finished another great set of workshops with CCSU's continuing education summer program, Tech It Out. As always, the experience was awesome and the kids really enjoyed getting their feet wet with some digital music.

We ran our own week-long workshop 'Waveform Warriors' at the end of June, which went really well! We went through the basics of digital songwriting and all the kids left with their first electronic music piece(s). We also did a couple single day crash courses within ParaDYM Academy's course, the Magic of Multimedia.

Although I'm getting used to how bright and tech-saavy this new generation of musicians is, I'm always pleasantly surprised at how incredibly fast the students latch onto these ideas and run with them. It's awesome to watch the progress and inspiration happening so quickly. The future of music is definitely looking bright.

Thanks to CCSU for a great experience!


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