Learn music production and modern songwriting.

Invest In Yourself

In this day and age, not all of us have the funds and resources to pursue music within a higher education institution. Supplemental education like Torches Academy has become increasingly more popular in recent years, due to the no-risk, no-commitment experience with a focus only on self-improvement.

Improve Performance

Our curriculum is growing every day, and we touch on all aspects of a career in music. Workshops and lessons include music production, modern songwriting, sound design, arrangement, mixing and mastering, music business, artistry, marketing, and modern career paths.

Master the Craft

Becoming a career musician nowadays is all about drive and entrepreneurship. Music is a trade. Especially with the independent musician becoming more and more self-sufficient, industry professionals are more interested in seeing and hearing what you're capable of than what credentials you have. Torches Academy is the affordable path to the end goal.